Home on the Range


Greetings!  It’s nice to meet you, here.  I’ll show you some pictures of the garden and the life we lead.  I’ll also explain why we’re doing it, and how this fits in to our renewal of Quality of Life, Patient Tranquility, and Daily Learning.  We’re focused on growing great food, producing intriguing works of art, learning about interpersonal relations, and raising vibration, to glide through these waves of time.  This video will invite you in:

From the sky

This is a view form a nearby peak, looking west.  Our home & garden is in the smaller field on the bottom, toward the left.  I can see the peak of the roof, that’s our timber-framed barn.  See the great view of the fog coming off the ocean.  Our land rides the fringe betwixt coast and inland, southern Oregon, a part of the coast range.

I traveled to Oregon on instinct, intending to learn about active and friendly forest care; arriving the first week of 2009 in Coquille, to live at the Mountain Homestead community, where I was invited for carpentry skill.  I immediately met David Christian, a local luminary, and soon became entrenched in a place, and idea, with visions of sensible resource-use and cooperation with the environment.  I have been learning some gardening for about four years, and I found here the first opportunity to live in immediate vicinity of a full garden space, to learn the fine art of farm.

green-house Here’s a nice view of the greenhouse, a veritable buffet, as it looked in winter.  Lots of house greens growing then; now it is being changed over into a Pesto Forest including Basil, cherry tomatoes, gourds and other hot-house plants.  We had some enormous kale in here, but that’s only growing outside now.  Dozens of tomatoes, peppers and flowers spend their early days in this here house.

early garden

Here’s some things born in the greenhouse, these broccoli and lettuce, which were our first plantings and have been our first harvest, along with snap peas down the way.  There are potatoes interspersed here as well, between the broccoli, with the lettuce riding the edge.  Salad last!  As my most fervent tribute to french ancenstry;


And here’s a view of the front place, flower gardens and all.  The home has been refined over thirty years; much of the siding has been salvaged from old homesteads in the surrounding area.  The rock wall you see surrounding the garden was collected in river-beds near Powers.  All the masonary and carpentry work shown here was done by inhabiting land stewards, not outside contractors.  The beauty of this place has been achieved through sweat & vision.  Dave could detail the home effects later.  thunder

Before I go, I must introduce one of our cats, Thunder.