Here’s some pictures of our garden lately…

And also–
Here’s audio of an interview I recently did with Amy Littlefield from the Providence Phoenix.

I hope you’re enjoying the weather. Things move on…



Full speed ahead!!
Keep looking on Westminster Street, we’ll be there soon. Gaining access to 1577 on July 1st, beginning open air markets next weekend.

Kickin’ into Spring

Fertile Underground are opening up some new avenues this year.  I’d like to direct you over to kickstarter, where we have a fundraiser running until April 20.  Check it out, tell everyone looking for fresh food and fresh vision in Providence.

I’ll be back soon with some new greenhouse footage and some garden updates.  Join our garden!! Send an email to .  We have a great membership arrangement this year, accommodating to many lifestyles.  Don’t worry about what you don’t know, just remember how to learn.

And here’s a picture from our Visit to Little City Gardens in San Francisco, and the beautiful rainbow that blessed our shared meal in their greenhouse– also built by impromptu carpenters!!

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