Full speed ahead!!
Keep looking on Westminster Street, we’ll be there soon. Gaining access to 1577 on July 1st, beginning open air markets next weekend.


Thanks, and here’s to you

Fertile Underground Grocery – Business Plan
Here you have it, the Fertile Underground Grocery Business Plan, created during the heinous winter storms of January 2011. By popular demand, it is being offered publicly online. This is my simple way of posting, here on the blogosphere. Coming soon, our professional website, to ease you curiosities.
The June Listening Series went wonderfully. I estimate that 50 people came through the space during the events, (if each of them talk to three people, that’s 200 people in the know) bringing questions, ideas, and interest. The first evenings held during Moon in Gemini brought a lot of able energy to mind, I spoke clearly, and took in a lot of new ideas. Later on, when the moon went into Cancer, folks were staying in, hanging out, it’s a homely sort of mood. I was able to receive new inspiration, and we are developing a new plan of action for SUMMER 2011.
Thanks very much to everyone who came out, it was very helpful to me, and I hope you also gained some insight as to what this brings to the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to more interactions, in our new and vibrant space.



Fertile Underground are at it again and have announced their week-long listening series for the first week of June.  We are preparing a simple presentation to effectively translate the visions and plans that have been created through the winter into a coherent & concise image.  We hope to get people on board and in-the-know as to our prime directives, our timeline, and what our path to success looks like.  The response and need for this project is so great- we want everyone to access the space, and us, the stewards, as we open the doors to breathe new life into 1577 Westminster Street.

We are not interested in speaking your ears off; most truly, we are athirst for greater perspective and ratification of our concepts, feelings, and judgments regarding the proper course for bringing greater food access to Providence’ West Side.  We have designed the space around input from urban gardeners, farmers, health activists & parents, the WBNA, our friends, co-workers, spectrum interested neighbors and emailers; we still feel that is not enough, and we now ask you to also come and share your wishes for the new Grocery store at 1577 Westminster Street.

Times shown in the flier will bring prompt proposals from Michael Giroux in as succinct a manner as possible; other times throughout these days will involve folks seated in groups discussing such things as: favorite must-have food items (make lists); shopping patterns and frequent times of the day; local? organic? fair-trade? affordable?; ways to get involved; suggestions for making the operation more efficient and keeping overhead down.   We will also be exploring a razor’s-edge proposal for deep community shared investments (putting the “us” in “stimulus”) designed to show value in places where the dollar is inadequate.  On demand, Fertile Underground members will be able to postulate on our group’s five-year, ten-year, and sixty-year plans.

WEDS. 6/1 – 3 & 5 pm

THURS. 6/2 – 6 o’clock

FRIDAY 6/3 – 2:30 & 4:30


SUN. 6/5 – 2:30 (specials after)

We hope you will join us for some of this time, which is sure to be an exciting, eye-opening, and enlightening series of events.  All are welcome.  With questions, please email FertileUnderground@gmail.com .

Furthermore, to hear our latest press appearance, click hear:  http://fertileunderground.com/img/WHJJ.mp3    for Dauna on the radio May 21.

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