Music, Mercury

Let us now give a moment to remember the glorious genius of Freddie Mercury!
It is a great time of year to sit up with your computer, open youtubes and watch streaming videos of this man and his band, Queen. Yes it was two year ago that I was hit by the power and energy relayed by band of Queen! Their intense emotionality and thirst for love opened my heart to a place of thankfulness, for the life I am given to live. We all have the chance to experience the mystical wonders of Earth; and the interplay of the Elements. Sun and Sea, and this thick blanket of clouds riding between them right now, water brought in to the air. And consistently falling back down to the ground. I’m glad this one isn’t snow; the rain is clean and wet. Gives me a chance to work inside, second coat of plaster in the front hall, here on George M. Cohan Blvd.
Cohan. Another one whose sheer brilliance lombasted me this past year, from moving onto the street of his name. It’s a story for another time, I promise. I want to introduce a newer musician, from the newer folk tradition of traveling minstrels and popular entertainers,
Mirko Lamonte, the Inka formerly known by eL AndrocefaLo, here performing “The Awakening of the Species!” (follow this link because focking myspace wont let you link videos off their page. it’s kind of an oldie. go down the page halfway, it says “Open For Business”)

Bravo! Now see if you can spot the common item featured in each video!! (I’ll give you a hint, Carpenters for Christ!) This song is from Nerse, lofty brainchild, with a video he made featuring interpretive performance of modern movements toward enlightenment. A great song from a great friend.


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