Fertile Underground are at it again and have announced their week-long listening series for the first week of June.  We are preparing a simple presentation to effectively translate the visions and plans that have been created through the winter into a coherent & concise image.  We hope to get people on board and in-the-know as to our prime directives, our timeline, and what our path to success looks like.  The response and need for this project is so great- we want everyone to access the space, and us, the stewards, as we open the doors to breathe new life into 1577 Westminster Street.

We are not interested in speaking your ears off; most truly, we are athirst for greater perspective and ratification of our concepts, feelings, and judgments regarding the proper course for bringing greater food access to Providence’ West Side.  We have designed the space around input from urban gardeners, farmers, health activists & parents, the WBNA, our friends, co-workers, spectrum interested neighbors and emailers; we still feel that is not enough, and we now ask you to also come and share your wishes for the new Grocery store at 1577 Westminster Street.

Times shown in the flier will bring prompt proposals from Michael Giroux in as succinct a manner as possible; other times throughout these days will involve folks seated in groups discussing such things as: favorite must-have food items (make lists); shopping patterns and frequent times of the day; local? organic? fair-trade? affordable?; ways to get involved; suggestions for making the operation more efficient and keeping overhead down.   We will also be exploring a razor’s-edge proposal for deep community shared investments (putting the “us” in “stimulus”) designed to show value in places where the dollar is inadequate.  On demand, Fertile Underground members will be able to postulate on our group’s five-year, ten-year, and sixty-year plans.

WEDS. 6/1 – 3 & 5 pm

THURS. 6/2 – 6 o’clock

FRIDAY 6/3 – 2:30 & 4:30


SUN. 6/5 – 2:30 (specials after)

We hope you will join us for some of this time, which is sure to be an exciting, eye-opening, and enlightening series of events.  All are welcome.  With questions, please email .

Furthermore, to hear our latest press appearance, click hear:    for Dauna on the radio May 21.


Quantum Chronicles

It’s Spring now and I got the engine running. In the Quantum, a Leap toward mobility from cooking diesel power, and true help from a brother John in clearing the air out of the lines. We kept pulling fuel out, John sniffing it confused because I keep calling it “grease” and he’s suspicious I have some straight veggie oil in there, although it’s only Biodiesel, and mix of hot diesel from the station. We added 5 gallons of the hot , to the five or so that was already in there, and kept pulling fuel through the lines until the mix showed a little lighter; more of that super-combustible fresh juice.
John kept running the glow cycle repeatedly, getting that thing HOT. Ten cycles at a time, then we’d pump the engine with the pedal fully down, sending fuel through the lines. We got closer. The sound became louder and lively. Quantum Zotique into 2011!
Engine sounds smooth and clean. Not even much white smoke exhaust or nuff, as it was end of fall. Clanky, and a beautiful sound to all ears. We let it run. It was mostly dark now, we’ve had light shining in from the garage, where we have a battery charger flowing to the battery.
Over the last week, the back right tire had been showing itself low.. and the front right is now a donut.. (the edge (right side) of the road contains the BIG potholes) So we concurred to roll it slowly down the hill to the shell station for air, wow, very slow as you could feel how close it was to slicing the sidewall. At the valley of George M Cohan Boulevard, the lights began showing dim, so I switched them off, yet the dash lights still dimmed and the car shut off right in the spot by the air hose. So John walked back up the hill to get his 1980 Mercedes 240 and jump it back up. I filled up the tires, John got back. It became very crowded for a brief time right when we opened our hoods and connected lines. Then it calmed down. I started up the car, John pulled the lines & shut the hood as I dashed for home. Letting that car recharge its battery and prepare for another year of mobility. Mercury Retrograde my ass!

April 6
1:15 AM


A great, many things have gone wrong tonight, but and a great many things have gone right.
I am forced to recognize that I live in a digital world; or- a part of me is carried on in a digital format.
We have been following these trains of technology and where they have been leading us is – a deluge of information, our own thoughts become maligned-aligned with the collected computer consciousness..

We passed the $10,000 mark on kickstarter today! We have made our show- the people want this store!!! We will carry it through integrally.
We met the large WBNA board tonight. It went well. Riding on the fact of kickstarter success, all folks felt comfortable about the realism of our plan. Our basic struggles were pointed out by the group, and we acknowledged them and replied with our serious thoughts about how we handle the “Sticks in the spokes” that may come up throughout our process.
Somewhat like tonight- After the meeting, Nina & I talked for two hours and hung out with Max, after Kathy left (Nina’s Mom watched Max during the meeting). We were just having a nice, deep conversation, better than in a while, because (I was getting frustrated having the interruptions of working with sweet baby Maxwell around, and Nina trying to keep the house clean and do her stuff; and we kept frustrating each other for two days.) the meeting had went well and just normal, intense. FU was in the Brown Daily Herald today. The article came out real good, but there’s one funny (shitty) quote they put in there that I was laughing about, it reminded me of my first newspaper half-misquote in highschool .
So after all this I called up Juice about joining the IWW. He said a bunch of Wobblies were headed over the E&O, so I said I’d meet him there. It was ten, I went down to start the car, warm up the Volkswagen.
I’ve been having troubles with the starter.. when I turned the key, I warmed the glow plugs twice, then went back for ignition and the power blanked. Then turning it back, buzzing, I been having this short… I kept flicking all the controls- the blinkers- the wipers, and getting the car to stop beeping and shut up by overloading the signal… I need to get recordings so you can hear the weird voices of this car. So I left it, then said “ screw it with this big machine, I ‘m riding a bicycle!” I went up stairs to get the lock-key, then adjusted the helmet strap from Nina’s size, readied up, and took down the hill. IT was raining, just a little, enough that I had to close my eyes a bit, exaggerated blinking. So I went down the hill picking that momentum, soaring through wide parkinglot diagonal toward the church down Wickenden bottom, where the copper spire just flew off. I swung onto Wickenden, left toward the point st bridge. I ran a red light, just keeping motion and avoiding cars. Then I came upon the current obstacle course of big deep potholes. I made through the first wave and going, then BAM! I hit a small pothole but very deep (As all those are, each about five inches deep) and bounced out toward the waiting bike lane over the bridge… feeling that low, bumpy feeling that says “flat tire.” So I took a quick inspection on the point st bridge, deciding to walk it home, and try up the VW once more.
I took the walk, through a bit of rain (though not as hard as when cruising before) up Wickenden, by the CE where it smells like burnt grounds and tons of people in the after 10 o clock.
I got back to my house. I returned the bike into the garage, then hoped my car would burn the glowplugs in normal tone. It did not. Same old shit and then I kept trying to mistake the system in to just working. Finally, I did, by turning the ignition from on to off with the left blinker on, which shorts the power, and then I turn it on again and actually catch the glow cycle, turn it over 35 times, and fire the car!

“Don’t organize at a bar.” Well, I don’t know what we were doing, I Was speaking my own brand of inspire-vision… Talking about birth and continuation of life and following thy will and intuition. I made plan to Friday join the Industrial Workers of the World. I reminisced about my childhood stories about the loggers, and them blowing up sawmills, that they had built themselves, but never “owned.” These explosions sure caused nearby bosses to give their demands: better food, more rights. More comfortable life.

Mirko & Flo Trinidad just welcoming their child into the world on April 12, 2011! Amaru Trinidad is a new Aries con Leo moon just like myself! And we can’t wait to meet this dude, I am so joyful sending my thought over there and just peace to all humanity for welcoming these new joyful creatures! Max continues to be more beautiful every day, as he expresses himself and becomes a little man! We are learning everything about love from the new creations this planet has to bring.

4/20/11 12:57am


I start up my car now by releasing the e-brake, rolling backwards out the driveway, swinging the wheel to send me up hill, then let me roll down George M Cohan Boulevard. Sometimes I’ll hop out and give it the quick push, or just open the door and do a little fred flintstone on the pavement with my left foot. Then about halfway down, put it in third, pop the clutch and hit the gas. works like a charm. once the engine is warm, it will start again, but I have to make sure if I’m parking somewhere for a while, that I leave it facing downhill. It was doing well on that mix of diesel and bio-diesel, but now that I filled it up with B99, up in Cumberland at T.H. Malloy and Sons, distributors of Newport Biodiesel, well now that thick stuff doesnt want to ignite. It all comes fdown to combustion, which this car don’t really seem to have much.
The fuel return lines kept popping out, every time I gave it a burst of fuel, sometimes I’d feel it pop out, then before stopping the car, slip it back on the barb so as to fill those lines with fuel. John saw this, and once again helped out, giving me three feet or so of ignition line, which happens to be a tighter gauge, thinner line, sticking on there better and hopefully increasing compression. the lines havent popped off since.
That starter kept giving me wierd sounds and problems, especally when it was wet out, so I took the line going to the starter off and just scrubbed it with a brush. Now it’s working fine.
Hopefully now that Spring’s broke- finally! The biodiesel will act nicer. I’ve got plans to have a few repairs done- and upping the compression is something I”m very interested in. Also some simple improvements like intermittent wipers, working door handles, and a new seal on the turbo exhaust manifold.
Jesse up at Banchwerks has been keeping me cool with this old VW. He put some air in my old tire, we found where it was bent, and he took out a mini-sledge and bashed than thing good!! back into place, it’s holding air again; thanks Jesse!! look forward to bringing her in again, just waiting on an insurance check from that guy who scraped the car last fall…

I look forward to the day I’m getting around on an electric bike or something, but I do enjoy the closeness to the road, in an old car that makes tons of noises and sounds and clangs… it just reminds me of this oil culture that is falling apart!!
I was reminded about the tar sands project… probably the most insane thing that humans have ever put themselves up to. I’ve got to keep aware of this thing. We need to remember that climate change is based on a simple equation– destroy forests, change the quality of our atmosphere, expect crazy unpredictable weather and “hundred year storms”.

Kickin’ into Spring

Fertile Underground are opening up some new avenues this year.  I’d like to direct you over to kickstarter, where we have a fundraiser running until April 20.  Check it out, tell everyone looking for fresh food and fresh vision in Providence.

I’ll be back soon with some new greenhouse footage and some garden updates.  Join our garden!! Send an email to .  We have a great membership arrangement this year, accommodating to many lifestyles.  Don’t worry about what you don’t know, just remember how to learn.

And here’s a picture from our Visit to Little City Gardens in San Francisco, and the beautiful rainbow that blessed our shared meal in their greenhouse– also built by impromptu carpenters!!

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